Performance Art


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Hair was a personal experiment mainly concerning my experience with social media and my own feminine expression. In a place where we only reveal our best selves and notions of the ideal have room to germinate, most people experience a decline in overall well-being as a result of social media use. My intent with this video was to exhibit a gently subversive act to prove that I didn’t need my long hair to feel good about my appearance, online and otherwise. This was a generally successful venture, although I recognize my use of other generally feminine indicators to counter-balance my gender expression. This experiment also managed to rob me almost completely of experiencing people’s genuine live reactions to this drastic personal change. Social media mediates our experience of most big events in our lives and social circles. It would be tacky to send a wedding invitation via Facebook, but it is likely they way one learns of engagements. Throughout this experiment, as much as I enjoyed the online attention I regretted missing the in-person reactions.

Fresh Babe 2017


Pareidolia Project is an ongoing, organically evolving, inherently interactive, collaborative performance. Participation requires a level of vulnerability and curiosity seldom encountered by adults. Play and blind exploration are at the heart of the participatory aspect of this project. Existing and unavoidably expanding relationships between participants become intensely amplified in the close quarters of the experience. This physical bonding bleeds easily into the psychological and emotional.

From outside the mass of knitted limbs, the observer is lead astray when attempting to discover a familiar image of the body. Pareidolia, being a psychological phenomenon in which humans are prone to recognizing familiar images, pairs well with the the experience of regarding the piece. Although pareidolia is more specific to the tendency to notice things like human figures when they are in fact not there, it applies in the way that you see things in it as you would in the clouds.