VR Painting Performance at La Cité - Excentricité - May 11, 2019

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Click, Drag, and Zoom in on the Polygon Object Below.


Click, Drag, and Zoom in on the Polygon Object Below


VR Painting Performance at La Cité - Bal Vert et Blanc, Excentricité - October 20, 2018




        CCD is the commonly used abbreviation for Colony Collapse Disorder that was coined in 2006 when North American honey bee’s started disappearing at concerning rates. The cause of this phenomenon has been linked to the use of a class of neurotoxic insecticides called neonicotinoids.  Imidacloprid falls into this class and is the most widely used insecticide in the world. The effects are intended to be time released which accounts for the three month lapse between exposure and colony collapse. Generations after exposure the effects are devastating. CCD is characterized by the absence of bees in the hive as the effects of the neurotoxins inhibit their ability to learn, remember and navigate. This sparked great public concern regarding the use of pesticides in food production for its direct effects on humans as well as the consequences to the bee colonies. Considering the necessity of pollinators in 35% of the world's crop production and honey bee’s performing about 80 percent of all pollination, worldwide cause for concern is evident.

The honeybee is a symbol of the organic movement and a generation of concerned citizens. It is this type of crisis that brings the intimate connection between environmental and human concerns to the world stage. This piece equates the bee to fire in order to emphasize the link to survival and dependency. The ceremonial dining experience expresses the warranted worship of the north american honeybee.

Forever Home

Industrious efforts to initiate this collaborative build were made by jwcurry and additional collaborators as follows “Emily Addison, Dennis Barchet, Geoff Brown, Kim Burke, Ken Fox, John, Rachel Lindsey, Kathleen Muise, Rob Ouellette, Bonnie Penfold, Carly Pereira, David Rosenbloom, Veronique Tessier, Chris Turnbull, Ben Walker, Rachel Zavitz (material); Cheryl Baker, Dennis Barchet, Gwendolyn Guth, Marilyn Irwin, Rachel Lindsey, Carly Pereira, Elise Skinner, Ben Walker (transportation); Rachel Lindsey, Carly Pereira, Kelsea Shore, TJ, Trix, Ben Walker (site preparation); Carole Limoges, Jana Lore (trail blazing & dressing); Joey Bidner, Dan Cairns, Alison Creba, Ilya Diacov, Nina Drystek, Eric Grice, Greg Hession, Chris Johnson, Carole Limoges, Rachel Lindsey, Phil Mineau, Brandon Ng, James Puseljic, Kelsea Shore, Ben Walker (design/construction crew); Carlyle Baker, Berzerker, Bill Bissett, Daniel F.Bradley, Hart Broudy, Michael E.Casteels, P.Cob, Judith Copithorne, jwcurry, Eric Grice, Nathalie Grice, Haunty, Wharton Hood, Gary Lee-Nova, Rachel Lindsey, Mlina Lore, Kathleen Muise, bpNichol, Rob Ouellette, Ross Priddle, Kelsea Shore, Venus, Ben Walker, Ben Watson (art (donations welcome)). & thanks, Carly & Russ, for the loan of the cordless circular saws!”

Jwcurry’s documentation of this build as well as pervious iterations can be found at the following image link

carpentry in the dark 2